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[Fanfic] NakaYama

Posted on 2007.08.22 at 15:23
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I don't know how came I wrote this. But yeah, when I watched Heysay, I can't resist to replay it again and again and anyway, they win my heart! LOL I just wrote it this morning, and posted it un-beta-ed. I hope this's not too bad. And Shige! Don't forget to comment! Ahahahaha.... Okay now, enjoy~ the fic


One Day as in a Day

Posted on 2007.08.12 at 17:35
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Yosh I finally post the Game-Fic I wrote today!! all thanks to Shige for the help and support.

Link to the Game Fic

Jr's necklace battle!

Posted on 2007.07.05 at 09:48
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I dunno what 's happened in junior. Yesterday when I had nothing to do, I re-watcheded SCs. and found out a great thing! ♥
Just a point, the necklaces they wore during SCs and photo sessions in some magazines.

Actually I should have realized it long long time ago, when Shoon's necklace suddenly appeared on Yodochan's neck. and some days later it appeared on Ishigaki's neck as well, Tomoyuki Yara (MA), and... Daichan♥. Ahaha... XD I think it's maybe, just maybe, someone has a lot of necklace and juniors have to pick them randomly during Shokura or photo session. And I thought Shoon doesn't like to share his accesories, so he bought that star-on-dove shaped necklace together with the bracelet.. It looks a set. and with those on shoon I thought it would be only his. But now what? I found it hung on Ishigaki's neck! LOL LOL... XDD

(Rate: 4 stars necklace♥! Everybody love this necklace)

  (Rate: 2 stars necklace. yet hasn't too popular)

Not only Shoon, Hikaru♥ (no wonder) joins the battle as well. Do you remember the black stones necklace Hikaru wore at 2006 Shokura(s)?  It appears on Senga and others' neck lately... but it's not that great, because no one know they really bought it in certain place. Or maybe it just my eyes mistaken it. Okay. I hope it's not the same necklace. XD~

(Rate: 3 stars necklace. It's popular in Kisumai! ♥I want this one!!! XD)



Do they not have enough money to buy another necklace???
Only the time can answer this all. LOL LOL lol lol lolllll

Note: Yabu, why don't u join the battle as well~♥

Pic 5 Hikashoon in love

Posted on 2007.05.01 at 08:42
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Here you go, 5th croped pic! yay!! ^_^


YAY! I love cropping!! ^_^

Pic 4

Posted on 2007.04.29 at 09:51
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Yay! The 4th part cropped pic! ^_^;; I’ll update the 5th one soon after this, LOL (I’m a happy fangirl! Yay!) ^_^

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